Caring For Someone With Dialysis

It can be difficult to care for someone that is going through kidney dialysis. They will need to go several times per week. This could be 3-5 days each week and they will usually be going for three hours or even overnight says. You need to stay as informed as possible. Here is how you can care for someone that is going through kidney dialysis.

Get Informed

You should gather as much information about kidney dialysis as you can. You can read information online, speak to a doctor and understand just what is going to be involved. You can also take classes in kidney care and this might be a great option for you. The more information you know, the easier it will be for you to look after a kidney patient while they are at home.

You may Feel a bit Overwhelmed

You will need tot ake in a lot of information and dealing with the kidney patient will be stressful as the person will also be going through a very difficult time. As you go for treatment with them, things will get easier on the both of you. Make sure you use support systems such as friends and family. There are groups online that you can join which will also help you cope with this difficult time.

Keep Records

Write down everything so you have a record of it. This will give you something to refer to and make dealing with this complex issue a lot easier for you. You should always ask a question when you have them to have things clarified.You could keep everything in a binder or on a tablet so it’s easy to refer to when you need it. Ask for a printout and other information from care providers so you can read the information or ask where you can find it online.

Have a Schedule

Try to have a normal schedule for the kidney patient before and after the treatments. When it’s time for treatment make sure you get there around fifteen minutes early as you don’t want the patient to miss any of the treatment time. Take all the information you need with you tot he appointment such as medications, doctors names, and contact information if there is an emergency.

Let the Patient Rest

A kidney patient is probably going to be quite tired after treatment is completed. They will probably not want to engage in a whole lot of activity. Know the patient’s limits and work within this. Allow the person to stay engaged with their normal activities when they have the energy for it such as hobbies. When they are exercising, you should join them for some moral support.

Track Symptoms

Make sure you monitor any symptoms the patient has as these can usually be treated. One common one is anemia which is a shortage of red blood cells. Make note of how the patient is feeling so you can refer this information to the doctor.


These tips should help you deal with someone that is going through kidney dialysis. Try to stay informed as offer as much support as possible to the kidney patient as they go through this process.

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