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Gifts Ideas for a Catheterized Loved One

by Hasan Kazi 29 Apr 2019 0 Comments

Whenever you wear a catheter, it canbe very uncomfortable at the best of times.The type of clothing you wear can make a big difference in how you feel. Here are some things you might consider wearing and some simple gifts that you can give someone that is wearing a catheter.

Keep Clothing Comfortable

Look for clothing that is chunky with big buttons as this makes it easier to put things on. Trousers or skirts with elastic waistbands are ideal as these will fit comfortably and be easy to put on and take off. The clothing should be as loose fitting as possible and belts should be bigger than normal. Comfortable shirts like a T-shirt is also ideal as you won’t have to fumble with buttons and snaps. For outerwear try a cape or a poncho instead of a heavier jacket as these are easier to wear and ideal for inclement weather conditions.

Make sure the clothing is easy to look after so you don’t have to do dry cleaning or otherwise fuss with what you’re wearing. Stretch fabrics like Lycra are ideal as they will maintain their shape even when they are stretched. If you have sensitive skin make sure you stay away from any synthetic fabrics. Fabrics should breathe so you don’t get hot and uncomfortable. You will probably feel a little uncomfortable wearing the catheter so you don’t want to compound the problem. Spend some time and try out different pieces of clothing to find out what works the best for you. What you wear may also depend upon the type of bag you are wearing for your catheter.

Gifts for Those that have a Catheter

Comfortable Slippers or Shoes

A catheter patient may just want to hang out at home and a good pair of slippers of a comfortable robe can make them feel at ease when they don’t want to do anything. There are many different styles that you can choose from which would make the ideal gift.

Big Shirt or Jacket

Another great might be a big oversized shirt or a jacket such as a hoodie which can make it easier to move around in. You might personalize the shirt with a funny saying or something else that can bring a smile to the patient’s face and make their day.

Pillows or Blankets

Help the catheter patient feel better by buying them some comfortable pillows or blankets so they can relax at home when they don’t wish to go out anywhere. New sheets for their bed could also make a great gift.

Catheter Bag Covers

Consider getting them something that can cover their catheter bag. You can get fun covering for a catheter bag which helps hide the bag from others and keeps the condition more discreet for the patient. This would all depend upon the type of catheter and the individual condition that the patient has.


These are some clothing and gift tips for those that are wearing a catheter. You can lead a normal life even if you have a catheter and if you know someone that does. These gift ideas should help you find something suitable to give.

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