How Patients Can Help Their Caregivers

Caregivers deserve our love and respect. Often, they leave their day-to-day activities to care for their sick loved ones. With love, they let you know that you are not alone. However, it’s important to remember that despite not being patients, they too can go through a lot. They can forget to take care of themselves and their physical and emotional health can be at risk as well.

Know that you can be of help to them even as they care for you and support you. They need to know they are loved as well, and you can do just that. Below is a list of some things you can do to help them.

  • Do simple tasks yourself: Though some simple tasks like going to the toilet may take you more time than normal, try doing them yourself if possible to safely do so in order to reduce your caregivers responsibilities and let them deal with other tasks instead. Such simple gestures will let them know you care about them and willing to not only help yourself but them as well.

  • Communicate regularly: Relationships thrive when parties communicate well. If you are not sure of something or if you feel depressed, your caregiver is the closest person you can talk to. He or she may not know what you are going through or what you need. Make yourself heard and make sure you are sensitive to your caregivers needs and routine as well.  Seek professional help if needed.

  • Prompt your caregiver to take care of themselves: It’s common for caregivers to forget to care for themselves. They can lose themselves in the care of their patients and forget about themselves. Remind them that their own health is important and see to it that they take of themselves and get some rest and exercise. Seeing that they eat well, are relaxed and remain on top of their routine, work and social life as much as possible will go a long way.

  • Get on a schedule: A schedule helps you and your caregiver a lot. With a schedule, you both can keep track of time and know what is to be done when. You can even include the time your caregiver is supposed to take care of themselves and their families as well.


Both patients and caregivers need help, its not a one way street. Often time, the attention is shifted to the patients and caregivers are neglected. You can help correct that however little, whether emotionally or physically by taking small actions that will go a long way and be very meaningful.

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