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Key Changes Post Shoulder Surgery

by Hasan Kazi 05 Mar 2019 0 Comments

Key Changes To Expect Post Shoulder SurgeryThere are several things you need to keep in mind after you have shoulder surgery. Here are some things to be aware of.


You will likely have to wear a cast or at least a sling if you have shoulder surgery. You will have limited mobility in your arm and shoulder until they begin to heal. You may expect some discomfort and difficulty getting around doing regular tasks. Avoid repetitive motions with your arms and lifting anything heavy with your affected side.


As you recover from surgery you’re not going to be able to drive. Even if you feel like you can drive, stay safe, you need two hands to drive a vehicle safely. You should never drive a vehicle if you don’t have the use of both of your arms. Try to get someone to drive you around, take a taxi, or the bus until you are fully healed and able to drive.


You will probably have difficulty showering as you only have the use of one arm. You’ll have to keep the incision area clean so you should cover this with some plastic and tape. You can also get a portable shower head which will make washing yourself easier. You might also want to get a seat so you can sit down as you wash. You will need to take care in the shower while you were bathing and if the injury is more complicated you may need help to clean yourself.

Follow the Doctor’s Instructions

Make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions and understand how to wear your sling properly. If you don’t understand the instructions for wearing your sling make sure you review the procedure with your doctor in order to ensure that you are comfortable and safely on the road to recovery.


You may also need help dressing and will probably want to wear loose-fitting clothing that is easy to put on and take off as this will reduce pressure or pain on your injured shoulder. Don’t use your injured arm to dress. Seek assistance to get dressed as needed.


You may find yourself laying down in bed unable to sleep . You might consider trying to sleep in a reclining chair or another chair. If you do sleep in the bed you’re probably going to want to sleep on your back is this will make it easier for you and did not cause this much discomfort to your arm.

Use Good Arm for Activities

Make sure you use your unaffected arm for all of your activities. This can include using the bathroom, preparing your meals, eating, lying down, standing, and so on. It may be a challenge for you if the arm you use for regular tasks is the one that is affected. It will take a lot of work and maybe some creativity but it will allow your injured arm to get the rest it needs to fully heal.


Ensure that you’re doing all the exercises given to you. In some cases, you may be enrolled in physical therapy. The point of all of these sessions is to ensure that your body is healing properly after the surgery and it’s important for you attend them regularly.


The recovery process at home after shoulder surgery can present some challenges. If you listen to your doctor’s advice and don’t try to do everything all at once you and give yourself a break you will find it easier to recover from your surgery. Make sure you take it easy at home and allow yourself time needed to heal. If you do all of these things, you’ll be back to 100% in no time.

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