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Must Haves And Hacks For Shoulder Surgery

by Hasan Kazi 27 Apr 2020 0 Comments

It can be a difficult process to recover from shoulder surgery. There are some things that you can do to make this process a lot easier for you so you are comfortable as you recover.


  • Frozen Meals: Try to have some meals ready to go in the freezer. You can do this by getting a few frozen meals where you can also have bags of fruit or vegetables ready to go.
  • Soup and Healthy Meals: Make some soup and other healthy meals prior to the surgery so these can be easily heated up once you get home.
  • Fiber is Important: Since you’ll be taking medication, it’s a good idea to get high fiber foods as this can help counteract medications which can cause constipation. Food such as prunes, black beans, apples, pears, and similar foods are ideal.
  • Stay Hydrated: Make sure that you drink plenty of water to keep your system functioning at its optimal level.



Organize your Medicines: Trying to have all of your medications neatly organized so you don’t have to be running around trying to find them. You were going to want to rest and relax so have the medications that you need ready to go.

Ice Packs: To deal with issues with pain in addition to your medication you should try ice packs as this can help reduce pain to a wide degree.

Plastic and Essential Toiletry: make sure you also have plastic and extra bandages so you can cover your incision when you are showering. Make sure you have any essential toiletry items that you’ll need to help you recover.

Useful Items for the Bathroom

There are several items in the home that you could pick up to help you recover from surgery.

  • A shower chair: is ideal because you can sit down and comfort and not have to worry about falling from injury. You may be groggy from medications so you want to be as safe as possible.
  • A detachable shower head: can make showering easier for you. This can also help you avoid getting the incision area wet. Make sure you cover the area with a plastic bag to help keep the area dry.
  • A simple soap pump can also help make applying soap easier. 

Other Things You’ll Need

Phone Numbers: Make sure you have contact numbers of people that you can reach if you need help as you recover.

Easy to Wear Clothing: You should also have something  that is easy to put on so you don’t have any pain as your dress. Large and comfortable is important.

Emotional Support: Having friends and family around can also help you with emotional support as you recover from the surgery. Friends and Family can also help you with small tasks around the house because you probably won’t be able to do everything yourself.

Furniture: A comfortable recliner chair can be ideal because it will be easier for you to get up. You may even want to sleep in this if possible. It’s very difficult to get up from a sleeping position when you have had surgery done on your arm. You can put a side table next to the chair with food, drinks, medications, and so on and this can be easily within reach of your good arm.

Physical Support: You should also consider a cane or another stabilizing device because your balance may not be the same until you start to recover a little bit.

Entertainment: To stay busy you can watch movies, use a laptop with a table, listen to the radio, read books, and so on.


These are just some of the things that you can do to help yourself recover from shoulder surgery. Just remember to talk to your doctor to get professional suggestions and recommendations. You may have a few rough days but in the end, you should recover fully.

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