Inspired Comforts is Exactly Right!
I bought this for my mom, who was able to wear it for her very first chemo session. She was truly amazed at how accessible this sweatshirt made her port while also maintaining her privacy. It makes me emotional how grateful I am to this store.
So convenient for chemo sessions
My husband needed an easy access, comfortable shirt & this is amazing! Love the material, nice big opening. Size fit very well and he’s tall.
Perfect for infusions
I'm getting 3 different types of infusions a week for Lupus. I have a chest port and the nurses were tugging at my tshirt neckline each time, no matter how baggy the shirt was. I came across this and immediately knew I wanted it. No more stretched out collars. It makes accessing my chest port MUCH easier and the nurses love it too
My daughter's gift
She is undergoing chemo & this shirt makes it easy access to her port... It's soft comfortable and warm. She's very happy with it, so am I.


Unisex chemotherapy clothing fits both men and women with a relaxed fit. Men's chemotherapy shirts have broader shoulders and longer torsos, while women's chemotherapy port shirts are more fitted to accommodate female body shapes.

It has features like:
• Double-lined hood for warmth or privacy
• Large pockets for personal items
• Discreet zippers for easy port access
This chemotherapy port access clothing offers comfort and practicality during treatment.

Chemotherapy clothing is designed for anyone undergoing treatments that require easy access to medical ports, including:
• Chemotherapy patients
• Dialysis patients
• Those recovering from surgery
The design ensures:
• Comfort
• Convenience
• Discretion