I use this for labs and chemo and I love it. It's easy to get my arm out for the blood pressure cuff and for them to tie off my arm for blood draws, ivs, and infusion. It's also so warm and fuzzy. All my Dr's and nurses love it lol.
Before getting this sweatshirt, my daughter would be extremely cold during diaylsis. Even wrapped in a blanket, she was always cold. Now with the two openings to hook her up to the diaylsis machine without removing the sweatshirt, she stays nice and warm.
Very clever and practical!
I received this from my daughter as a Christmas gift. I couldn’t believe that “dialysis clothing” was even a thing. It is thick and warm enough to wear in cold weather. I have discarded the blanket I used to use in dialysis because this hoodie is so warm that a blanket is unnecessary.
Brought for my sister who started dialysis. She said the hoodie is heaven. Yes...I recommend 💜

Comfort and Convenience: Introducing Velcro Shirts for Surgery and Recovery


Facing surgery or undergoing recovery can be physically and emotionally challenging. Simple tasks like getting dressed can become cumbersome and uncomfortable, especially when dealing with post-operative pain or limited mobility. That's where Velcro shirts for surgery and recovery step in, offering unparalleled ease, comfort, and practicality during these times of need.

Velcro Shirt for Shoulder Surgery:

Shoulder surgery often leaves patients with restricted movement and discomfort. Our specially designed Velcro shirts for shoulder surgery offer easy dressing and undressing without the need to maneuver arms through sleeves. With strategically placed Velcro closures, these shirts provide quick access for medical examinations or dressing changes, all while minimizing strain on the healing shoulder.

Recovery Shirts for All:

Recovery from any surgery requires clothing that accommodates medical needs while ensuring comfort. Our recovery shirts are crafted with soft, breathable fabrics to promote healing and prevent irritation. Whether recuperating from shoulder surgery, mastectomy, or chemotherapy, these shirts offer the perfect blend of functionality and comfort.

Chemo Port Shirts:

For individuals undergoing chemotherapy, accessing chemo ports for treatment can be challenging, especially with traditional clothing. Our chemo port shirts feature discreetly placed openings that provide medical staff easy access to the port without compromising modesty. Say goodbye to awkward adjustments or discomfort during treatments with these thoughtfully designed shirts.

Mastectomy Shirts:

After a mastectomy, comfort and support are paramount. Our mastectomy shirts are tailored to provide gentle compression and coverage where needed most. With easy-open closures and soft, gentle fabrics, these shirts make the post-mastectomy recovery journey a little bit easier, allowing individuals to focus on healing and self-care.

Why Choose Velcro Shirts for Surgery and Recovery?


Velcro closures make dressing and undressing a breeze, even with limited mobility.
Comfort: Soft, breathable fabrics ensure maximum comfort during the recovery process.
Functionality: Thoughtfully designed openings provide easy access for medical procedures or treatments.
Dignity: Maintain dignity and modesty during medical appointments or treatments with discreetly placed access points.


At Shirts for Surgery & Recovery, we understand the importance of comfort and convenience during challenging times. Our Velcro shirts for surgery and recovery are designed to alleviate the stress of dressing while promoting healing and comfort. Whether you're facing shoulder surgery, chemotherapy, or mastectomy, our shirts are here to support you every step of the way. Choose comfort, choose convenience, choose Shirts for Surgery & Recovery.


Yes, dialysis clothing from Inspired Comforts can be used for other medical treatments requiring easy access to ports, including:
• Chemotherapy
• Post surgery recovery
These garments offer:
• Comfort
• Practicality
Features include:
• Easy access to ports
• Zippers for convenience

The hidden snaps on the dialysis clothing are designed for easy access to medical ports without removing the garment. They are discreetly placed and made from soft materials to ensure they do not cause discomfort, providing a practical and comfortable solution for clothing for dialysis patients.

These dialysis clothes are perfect for casual wear and make a thoughtful gift for dialysis patients, with features like:
• Zippers for easy access
• Double-lined hood for warmth or privacy
• Large pockets for personal items