Easy to Carry
My mother carries her foley bag in this when she goes out. People hardly notice and she’s more confident about getting out more.
BEST thing I've purchased all year
I have a venting G tube.This bag has made it so I can wear it in public and not worry about people. I was able to wear it on our flight a couple weeks ago and no one had any idea that it was attached to me. It's just nice to be able to be a bit more discreet about my medical problems and not have to share it with whoever looks at me.
I wish I invented this! Life changing!
My 94 year old father has required an indwelling catheter for the past few months. This bag holder is life changing. Not only does it come with a thick canvas cover for the bag, but it has an easy to apply tube cover. Everything is hidden. It also comes with velcro straps for his walker. He felt so comfortable he wanted to take a trip to Macys to buy new sneakers. No one noticed and he maintained his dignity. A great purchase!
The bag works!
Looks like a classy bag on the side of a wheelchair! I have many purses that I would but was needing assistance to tie and keep the catheter undisclosed, each person who understands its purpose has complimented it much. I have used many other covering and this is the best one! Easy to wipe clean and feel confident


The urine bag holder from Inspired Comforts can be worn on:
• The leg
• The waist
• The shoulder

Yes, the portable urine bag holder is compatible with various types and sizes of catheter bags, ensuring secure and versatile use.

The urine bag holders are durable and should be washed regularly. Hand wash with mild soap and air dry to maintain their condition and hygiene.