I use this for labs and chemo and I love it. It's easy to get my arm out for the blood pressure cuff and for them to tie off my arm for blood draws, ivs, and infusion. It's also so warm and fuzzy. All my Dr's and nurses love it lol.
Before getting this sweatshirt, my daughter would be extremely cold during diaylsis. Even wrapped in a blanket, she was always cold. Now with the two openings to hook her up to the diaylsis machine without removing the sweatshirt, she stays nice and warm.
Very clever and practical!
I received this from my daughter as a Christmas gift. I couldn’t believe that “dialysis clothing” was even a thing. It is thick and warm enough to wear in cold weather. I have discarded the blanket I used to use in dialysis because this hoodie is so warm that a blanket is unnecessary.
Brought for my sister who started dialysis. She said the hoodie is heaven. Yes...I recommend 💜

Snap Access Dialysis: Revolutionizing Comfort with Velcro Shirt Technology


At Snap Access Dialysis, we understand the importance of comfort and convenience for individuals undergoing dialysis treatment, especially those recovering from shoulder surgery. That's why we're proud to introduce our innovative Velcro Shirt technology, designed to provide unparalleled comfort and ease of access during dialysis sessions. Say goodbye to discomfort and hassle, and experience a new level of comfort with Snap Access Dialysis.

Comfort Clothing Redefined:

Traditional dialysis clothing can often be restrictive and uncomfortable, particularly for individuals recovering from shoulder surgery. Our Velcro Shirt eliminates these issues by offering a tailored fit that adapts to your body, providing maximum comfort without compromising on style. Made from high-quality, breathable materials, our shirts are designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your treatment.

Convenience at Your Fingertips:

One of the most challenging aspects of dialysis treatment is the need for frequent access to the patient's upper body. For individuals recovering from shoulder surgery, this process can be even more daunting. Our Velcro Shirt features strategically placed access points, allowing for easy and hassle-free access to the dialysis site without the need to remove or readjust clothing. This innovative design not only streamlines the treatment process but also reduces discomfort and anxiety for patients.

Ideal for Shoulder Surgery Recovery:

Shoulder surgery can significantly impact mobility and comfort, making everyday tasks, including dialysis treatment, more challenging. Our shoulder surgery shirts are specifically designed to address these challenges, offering a tailored fit that accommodates the needs of recovering patients. With adjustable Velcro closures and soft, stretchable fabric, our shirts provide the perfect balance of support and comfort, allowing you to focus on your recovery journey.

Experience the Snap Access Difference:

At Snap Access Dialysis, we're committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance the dialysis experience for patients. Our Velcro Shirt technology is just one example of how we're revolutionizing comfort and convenience in dialysis care. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a new era of comfort with Snap Access Dialysis.


Don't let discomfort and inconvenience hold you back from getting the dialysis treatment you need. Experience the difference with Snap Access Dialysis and our revolutionary Velcro Shirt technology. Whether you're recovering from shoulder surgery or simply seeking greater comfort during treatment, our shirts are designed to meet your needs. Discover the comfort and convenience of Snap Access Dialysis today.


Yes, dialysis clothing from Inspired Comforts can be used for other medical treatments requiring easy access to ports, including:
• Chemotherapy
• Post surgery recovery
These garments offer:
• Comfort
• Practicality
Features include:
• Easy access to ports
• Zippers for convenience

The hidden snaps on the dialysis clothing are designed for easy access to medical ports without removing the garment. They are discreetly placed and made from soft materials to ensure they do not cause discomfort, providing a practical and comfortable solution for clothing for dialysis patients.

These dialysis clothes are perfect for casual wear and make a thoughtful gift for dialysis patients, with features like:
• Zippers for easy access
• Double-lined hood for warmth or privacy
• Large pockets for personal items