Love my 2 shirts
I bought 2 shirts since I knew I would have to wear them for 5-6 months after my shoulder surgery. They are very comfortable because they are 100% cotton & the snaps make it so easy for my husband to help me wear the ice cuff under the shirt & my sling over the shirt simultaneously. Great design!!
Best shirt for use after rotator cuff surgery
My husband required rotator cuff surgery. I worried about how I was going to help him get dressed I decided to search for shirts that were easy to get on. I love this shirt. It’s easy to help him put on without hurting his shoulder.
Love this shirt!
I ordered this shirt because I fell and broke my arm. Getting any shirt on without pain is next to impossible. Each time I go to the Dr., they want new exrays. Of course this means coming out of my shirt. Now I can just unsnap the sleeve across the shoulder, and I'm good to go. Everyone at the Dr. office loves the shirt too. My Dr said he wished all his patience would buy these. 'Thanks for making a difficult time a little easier!
Perfect post rotator cuff surgical shirt
I never could have taken care of my husband after his surgery without this shirt. It was perfect, even the surgical nurses were happy with the shirt. When he was hot, I unsnapped part, for his body to cool and breathe. The snaps are enclosed so they did't bother him. Though he could wear a medium, I bought a large, which was perfect. 5'8, 170 lbs, no fat and the large worked well, remember there's a large amount of dressing over the shoulder. Easy on, easy off, it also made washing him easy.

Empowering Recovery: Essential Post-Surgery Care Package for Women


Undergoing surgery, particularly for women, demands comprehensive post-operative care and support. Whether it's recovering from a mastectomy or any other surgical procedure, comfort and confidence during the recovery phase are paramount. In this guide, we'll explore the essential components of a post-surgery care package tailored to women's needs, including post-mastectomy clothing and recovery shirts designed to enhance comfort and aid in the healing process.

Section 1: Post-Surgery Care Package Essentials

  1. Comfortable Clothing:

    • Soft, loose-fitting clothing is essential for minimizing discomfort and irritation post-surgery. Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or modal, which won't irritate sensitive skin.
    • Include a variety of tops and bottoms to accommodate different levels of swelling and discomfort.
  2. Personal Care Items:

    • Gentle skincare products, such as fragrance-free lotions and cleansers, to soothe and moisturize the skin.
    • Post-operative essentials like gauze pads, adhesive tape, and wound care supplies.
    • A comfortable and supportive bra, especially designed for post-mastectomy recovery, offering gentle compression and support.
  3. Entertainment and Distraction:

    • Books, magazines, puzzles, or other activities to help pass the time during recovery.
    • Access to streaming services or audiobooks for entertainment without physical exertion.
  4. Nourishing Snacks and Hydration:

    • Nutrient-rich snacks that are easy to digest and provide energy for the healing process.
    • Hydration is key to recovery, so include plenty of water and electrolyte-rich beverages.

Section 2: Post-Mastectomy Clothing

  1. Post-Mastectomy Bras:

    • Specialized bras designed with pockets to accommodate breast prostheses, offering comfort, support, and a natural silhouette.
    • Soft, seamless materials reduce irritation and friction against sensitive skin.
  2. Recover Shirts:

    • Recover shirts are specifically designed to provide comfort and convenience during post-surgery recovery.
    • These shirts feature easy-open front closures or strategically placed openings for accessing surgical sites without removing the garment entirely.
    • Choose styles with adjustable closures and soft, stretchy fabrics for maximum comfort and versatility.
  3. Recovery T-Shirts:

    • Recovery t-shirts offer a blend of style and functionality, with features like side zippers or Velcro closures for easy dressing and undressing.
    • Look for shirts with gentle compression to reduce swelling and promote circulation, aiding in the healing process.


A well-curated post-surgery care package tailored to women's needs can greatly enhance comfort and aid in the recovery process. From specialized post-mastectomy clothing to recovery shirts designed for convenience and comfort, these essentials play a crucial role in promoting healing and restoring confidence during the recovery journey. By prioritizing comfort, support, and self-care, women can navigate the post-surgery period with greater ease and resilience.